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Engagement photos, what are they good for? The session itself is wonderful for getting to know your photographer(s), and spending time getting comfortable in front of the camera for your wedding. But other than the obvious (to celebrate getting married!!), what else can you use the pictures themselves for? You paid money for them, and you spent the time to have them taken, so why not show them off in more ways than one? If you’re stumped on how to go about that, today we’re sharing a few of our favorite ways to use your engagement photos.


Hey there! Today we are doing something totally awesome, and a little different- we’ve got a guest post to share from DIY queen, Natalya, of Glitches and Stitches. She recently started a new series on ways to be crafty for your wedding, and since our own wedding had a little bit of DIY sewn into it, and we love crafty brides and grooms, it only feels natural to share the goodness with you all!


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