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... but we're homebodies at heart.

Our Story

We met when we looked like this and this, at Impact! Metro, an inner-city community outreach program.

And we NEVER got a picture of us together until Katherine's sophomore homecoming. We're still looking for that picture.

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We decided we liked each other a lot, so we kept talking to each other and driving 3 hours each way, only to see each other for a little bit every other month.


Then we got engaged.

And now we're married

And we'd do it all over again.

We are old souls. Literally OLD. Our house is always between 74 and 80 degrees, we have matching shawls, we listen to the 1920s radio network in the car, we trip over our cats, we hate preservatives, we don't believe in Kindles, and today's music sounds like trash to us. Reminding you of your grandma yet? Well we can only hope we're half as sweet and loving as most grandmas.

Player Profiles



Hello friend!

Everything you need to know about me can be summed up by this video. Did you watch?

In all seriousness, I am Katherine, the prettier half of The Married Couple. If you hang around me long enough, you'll find that I hate pants and shoes. If I am even wearing a bottom garment, it's generally a long flowing skirt. When I am not behind the camera, you may find me reading a good book, cramming my head full of useless knowledge (like the seduction techniques of bowerbirds), or taking care of my various plants and animals.

Quick Facts

  • If there are song lyrics for what you just said, I am probably singing them- and Mark will surely join me. “You oughta know by now.”

  • I planned my 9th birthday party around an itinerary segmented into 15 minute blocks of activities- yes, I was that child.

  • I have been a dancer for basically my entire life. I dance a variety of styles, from energetic and spiritual Afro- Caribbean to classical ballet, which is my favorite.


I am a 78 year old man hiding in a young man's body. I like my wife's cooking and classical music, whiskey and quiet nights at home together. I have played video games and musical instruments avidly for 22 and 15 years respectively. I never eat enough food. except when I do and then it's all at once. I enjoy playing sports, but I can't be interested in the TV spectacle. My foot-in-mouth has improved with daily doses of Katherine, but my quick wit and dry humor keep it very much alive.

Quick Facts:

  • In middle school, I attempted to calculate the exact circumference of Earth when I heard that light travels around the Earth 7 times in one second.

  • I played bass for a set with IMPERIAL JADE at a bar in Sant Paul de Mar, Spain.

  • For my own entertainment, and to the annoyance of Katherine, I will purposefully mispronounce words.


The Farm

We have been joked for years that we have a 'farm'... but maybe one day we actually will! Our dream is to live somewhere warm with lots of land.