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Not too long ago, Kat and I had the opportunity to visit Holland. Easily the cleanest, freshest, and most efficient place we visited, it was my second favorite destination. We were able to bike all over the surrounding areas since we stayed outside the city. Biking into Amsterdam main was only about 20km, which sounds like a lot, but it isn’t.


Just a few snaps from our recent cruise to Costa Maya, Cozumel, and Grand Cayman. There’s one picture in here that just looks like a tree-lined trail, but there’s a Mark hiding in the picture. See if you can find him!


We all love a good getaway, but some of us are better at documenting them than others! Have you ever been scrolling through Instagram, looking at someone else’s feed of gorgeous travel photos, and wondering how you could be taking some of those to share for yourself? Or maybe you’ve been to some beautiful and photo-worthy locations, but you have nothing to show for it! Well, that’s where this little guide comes in.


In Spain, there’s this thing every day called siesta. Shops close, people go home and eat some food, take a nap, everything kinda picks back up around 6 or 7. Above, you can see me taking on the behavior of a local. But, boy, when you aren’t sleeping, you are busy! We took our GoPro all over, which came in handy during the riot. I’d still have a Barcelona Riot Squad beat-stick if the Italian police hadn’t been such turdburglars. Shoulda mailed it earlier =/


As much as I love staying home, having a routine, a schedule, I put great value on spontaneity and the unexpected. It’s a big part of my humor and it elicits that impulsive, full-bellied laugh from my wife.  Europe was full of this balance. Everywhere we went, we got our bearings, established a base of operations, scouted the immediate area and established a brief morning routine, mainly consisting of, “I NEED JUICE!” Everything after morning was at our whim.


Mark is never on social media, and Katherine might be on it too much, but you can always catch up with both of us via our Instagram!