Bay Tree Manor | Spring Styled Shoot

It's been several months now since this shoot, and yet I've still not blogged the other half, so here it is today! Whitney and Robbie, the gorgeous couple that modelled for us, have been married for almost 4 years, but they acted every bit like newly weds. They are doing such a good job keeping the joy alive, and that made it so easy to capture their love for each other. They were joking around and laughing the whole time.

Maternity | Shannon & Jason

Shannon and Jason are going to be parents!! They got married around the same time we did, and we actually shared some of our wedding decorations. I've known Shannon for what feels like forever- she went to school with my best friends and went to the same church occasionally.

Bridal Portraits | Christen at the Norfolk Pagoda

We had the fun opportunity to get to know Christen Allocco, of Allocco Design a few weeks ago. She just got married this past March and we met up with her at the Pagoda in Norfolk during the golden hour(s) to take some bridal portraits.

Recipe: Garlic Tomato Pizza

It’s Mark. Katherine and I love cooking food, and we love eating what we cook even more. Trying to cook delicious, healthy food on a budget is pretty tough, though. What’s helped the most is learning how to reuse things we used to throw out, like bones/carcass, pasta noodle water, and vegetable ends/roots.

All that is great, and having those skills can help you round out your weekly meal plan into a robust and exciting course. That said, there is a staple we can always fall back on, a hero of the food world, one that everybody knows and loves: pizza.

Wedding Planning 101: Photographing the Details

For us, wedding days begin with the details. It's actually become one of my favorite parts of the day because it allows us to get creative with how to tie the whole 'big picture' of the wedding together using the smaller elements of the day. We try to give ourselves ample time to photograph them as soon as we arrive- which is why we now ask all of our brides to have a 'detail kit' ready for us! This way, we can walk in, hug and be giddy (because, HELLO, it's your WEDDING DAY!! and I also must state that only I will be giddy, as giddy does not describe Mark as a person at all), and then we can get straight to work making all of your hard work look gorgeous.