Allison and Samuel | Historic Schoolhouse Wedding

I can’t say it enough- Allison and Samuel are perfect for each other. I basically died right after Allison asked Mark and I to photograph their wedding, because they are just so stinkin’ adorable. They are both laid back and just happy to be around each other. They make weird faces at each other and call each other random variations of the word “babe.”

Eileen & Dustin | Old Town Hall, Fairfax

Eileen and Dustin were wed on a warm fall morning at the Old Town Hall, in Fairfax, Virginia. The beauty of the venue matched that of the joyous couple seamlessly: refined and inviting, open but intimate.

Meowthing off: The Sam Edition


Max wakes up too early. He's always doing stuff like he's soooooo coooool. Whatever. I'm tired. Sometimes, sleeping makes me tired, so I sleep it off. I think I might love sleep more than food, but only when I'm not eating. Eating makes me sleepy, too, and I love sleep, so that just makes food even better!

Seaside Bridal Portraits

Two things that kind of scare me as a photographer: high wind and bright sun. I really have an affinity for shooting in during overcast days. Anyway, when I went down to the oceanfront to photograph a styled bridal session coordinated by Viktoriya of The Hanging Gardens, it was both very windy and very sunny. However, I embraced the unknown and we ended up with some gorgeous pictures. Jen, our beautiful model, absolutely rocked it, and basically this session ended up being the stuff of dreams.

A Garden Adventure Update!

Lay thine eyes upon our beaut of a garden! Look at it! Okay, you can stop now.

Anyway, the last time we blogged about anything garden related, it was us starting SEEDS! See all those tomato plants at the front of this picture? Those were little seeds I put in like a tablespoon of dirt back in March, and they sprouted and now they have FRUIT on them. Four of them are heirloom tomato plants, so I can use their seeds for next year (if I remember while devouring them...). That's kind of the point though, because we eventually want to be able to grow everything year after year from the seeds of our last crop. Sustainability, y'all.

Tiffany & Danny | Engaged

Tiffany and Danny got engaged last fall, and their wedding is kind of special to Mark and I- because it's the first wedding we have in Virginia Beach! Isn't it crazy that we've not shot ONE wedding in our own town yet??? I think so, but I'm also happy that people love us enough to keep hiring us, and wholeheartedly recommending us even though we have to charge traveling fees. I love that all of our clients feel like family and want the best for us, and visa versa.