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Meet Katherine

Meet Mark

Quick Facts

Our Story

We are Mark and Katherine. 

Husband and wife. Leftover hippies. Cat parents EXTRAORDINAIRE. Believers in Christ.

We bought our first house! It's a little thing, and one day we hope to have land rather than a yard, but this suits us perfectly for this stage of our lives!


We spent the month of May traipsing around Europe, eating far too much pizza, durum kabobs, and gelato. We started The Married Couple that fall.


We got married under a giant old oak tree surrounded by friends and family. It was "the most relaxed wedding ever," as Kat's mom likes to mention.


We continued talking this time, and started dating long-distance via texts and phone calls. Skype came around eventually. We got to see each other every so often, like for Katherine's Prom.


The next year, again at Impact! Metro, Mark asked Katherine if she was "Harry's little sister." She begrudgingly said yes, after contemplating not giving him a response at all.


After almost 6 years of dating (ALL long distance), Mark decided to propose. He led Katherine on a wild goose chase and ended up proposing at his house at the end of the day. Then we went and celebrated with food, obviously.


The Story of Us

It's a little unconventional


We met at Impact! Metro in Richmond, VA. We went our seperate ways and didn't talk to each other for another year.


We can't wait for what's next!


Currently Reading: A Clash of Kings by George R.R. Martin
Favorite food: Noods in chicken broth with two poached eggs and spring onions on top.
Hidden talent: Give me an instrument, and I can learn it
Favorite Animal: Axolotls??
Drink of choice: A touch of whiskey, neat.
Meyers Briggs type: INTP
Favorite quote: "If pride gives us pause, my love, then perhaps we have lived long enough." - Malfurion Stormrage



Currently Reading: A Clash of Kings by George R.R. Martin
Favorite food: Cheese. Always cheese.
Hidden talent: I can stand on my toes, just like Kate Winslet in Titanic, thanks to years of ballet
Favorite Animal: Elephants all the way
Drink of choice: Currently? A limey gin and tonic
Meyers Briggs type: INFJ
Favorite quote: "Shut up, loinfruit!" - Lorelai Gilmore

Quick Facts




I am a 78 year old man hiding in a young man's body. I like my wife's cooking and classical music, whiskey and quiet nights at home together. I have played video games and musical instruments avidly for 22 and 15 years respectively. I played bass for a set with Imperial Jade at a bar in Sant Paul de Mar, Spain. We know they will be famous one day, so we're just waiting for them to tour America.

I never eat enough food. except when I do and then it's all at once. I enjoy playing sports, but I can't be interested in the TV spectacle. My foot-in-mouth has improved with daily doses of Katherine, but my quick wit and dry humor keep it very much alive.

I came to photography through Katherine. She let me borrow a camera one weekend, and I took several pictures of my cat, as well as various scenes of nature, and Katherine's butt when she wasn't looking. I've progressed through the years, and enjoy working alongside my wife during weddings. I make sure we dance at least once at every single one.



Hello, friend! Everything you need to know about me can be summed up by this video. Did you watch?

In all seriousness, I am Katherine, the prettier half of The Married Couple. If you hang around me long enough, you'll find that I hate pants and shoes. If I am even wearing a bottom garment, it's generally a long flowing skirt. When I am not behind the camera, you may find me reading, cramming my head full of useless knowledge (like the seduction techniques of bowerbirds), looking up random facts about movies I like, or taking care of my various plants and animals.

I started photography pretty early on in life- I was that girl that had like 5 disposable cameras with her at summer camp. My bedroom walls were canvased with prints from those disposable cameras, and eventually I saved up and bought my first 'fancy camera.' I immediately took a million pictures of my cat, obviously. I opened K.Canaday Photography in high school, and carried that into college, where I also worked for the HR department, taking candid photos of campus life and events. After Mark and I married, he joined me, and we changed the name to The Married Couple. 

Coffee: black and strong enough to wake the dead. If we can see the bottom of the cup, it ain't coffee.

Our cats. Max will go on walks with us, and Sam will whine to go outside at 5 in the morning.

all of the plants and animals ever. Our ultimate dream is to own an animal sanctuary / farm thing. It's a big dream.

Our silly backyard dinosaurs: Wilbur and Frank. They are African SpurRED Tortoises, They love to dig, and we half jokingly call them tanks.

Our zippy little mini cooper. It's a sporty little sport car and Mark loves it.

Good reads. We both love curling up on the couch with a Really good book and A fluffy blanket.

Eating UDON noodles with some homemade broth poured over. Add a poached egg and some spring onions and you'll have the best meal ever.

A Few of Our Favorites

Mark is never on social media, and Katherine might be on it too much, but you can always catch up with both of us via our Instagram!