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Food and New Friends

So, Kat and I just made plans with one of our newest couples, Helen and Ralph.
A laid back dinner (or lunch, Katherine has yet to tell me,) sounds like a great idea.

These two are our very first Bumble couple. Ralph appropriately makes his wife’s eyes roll. Instant seal of approval. Even better, they spent many an afternoon enjoying some iced coffee/tea related beverages
and talking, like people used to do.


Our double date is a month away, though. Luckily, one of our past brides became cult members
friends invited us for a sushi date next week as well (yes.)

Keep Morgan in your hearts and prayers as she goes without her worse half for a little bit. Side note: no one refers to the men in a straight relationship as the worse half, but, I mean… My wife is my better half, wouldn’t that make me the worse half? Maybe I’m her better half and she’s mine, and we can just each be our own worse half.
Marriage goals.

We feel supremely lucky to have a long and growing list of people with whom we connected, and we even get a tax break for hanging out (sometimes, only for legitimate business purposes… and only 50%… please don’t audit me.)

So, wanna grab a bite to eat?

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