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Jon & Reneé | Old Donation & Lynnhaven House Wedding

Jonathan and Reneé | A Historic Old Donation Wedding in Virginia Beach


Mark has known Jon his whole life, since they’re brothers and all, and I met him on a skiing trip over a decade ago (I feel slightly old). He and Mark picked me up at like 4 in the morning so we could meet the bus of church people and head up to Wintergreen to ski for the day. I ended up sleeping in the lodge after about a half day of skiing, because that’s what I do, and I think Jon and I exchanged maybe 2 sentences the entire time. He’s pretty quiet and reserved, much like Mark. Reneé, well, she’s not. She’s the total opposite of Jon in that sense.

The family had the pleasure of meeting Reneé two years ago on Christmas Eve. I can imagine how she felt- since there are like 20 Johnson’s and they are all slightly overwhelming when together. However, Reneé fit right in immediately- throwing jabs and sarcastic remarks right back at everyone (it’s how the Johnsons show their love). We all noticed the effect she had on Jon, too. He was happier than I had ever seen him, more lively, and almost like a different person.

And I think she did change him, definitely for good. She brings out the best in him, and he in her. In their vows, Jon said he didn’t think a kind of love like this existed for him. He had given up on the idea of it when Reneé came along. I think everyone was probably crying at that point, because, like I said, we can all see the effect she has on him. They are perfect for each other. Patient, loving, and they make each other so obviously joyful.

Jon and Reneé, Mark and I couldn’t be happier for you two, and we are so thankful we got to be your photographers! Mark honestly wouldn’t have trusted anyone else with the job. We love you two!


Special thanks to the vendors below for making it all happen!

Photographers: The Married Couple
Event Coordinator: Sandy with Baxter’s Creative Events
Venue: Old Donation for ceremony Lynnhaven House for reception
MUA: Make-Up by Candice
Hair: Humble Hair
Videographers: Marcus with Viz-Ink
Lighting: Stage Right Lighting
DJ: 196 Events
Florals: Fluttering Flowers
Catering: Chef By Design


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