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Stead | Portraits

It’s been over 20 years since these two had their pictures taken! Ray was still in the Navy at that time, but now he and Benet get to enjoy their retirement.

We almost got hit with a disc-golf disc at this park. People are a little too serious about something that’s basically frisbee throwing with more accountability. 

They have a monster cactus growing in their yard, so Kat and I were happy to cut some off and add it to our little budding cactus. It started in a tiny little flower pot, but Benet said she kept walking into it and getting pricked, so outside it went. 

Ray’s a goofball, which is good, cause I’m a goofball. He tickled Benet’s belly button when she wasn’t looking, claiming, “It’s a navel attack!” That’s gold, people, straight gold.

It was more fun knowing it had been so long since their last portrait session. That makes the work exciting, knowing they’re excited and anticipating our pictures. It’s a pleasure to be of service to people, but the Steads make it extra fun.

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