We are a pair of old souls.

We met over a decade ago, picked up photography along the way, and it's been a crazy adventure since.


He's the thinker, second shooter, blogger, and #1 encourager. He is also the embodiment of 'whistle while you work.'

She's the dreamer, lead photographer, chief organizer, and #1 worrier. She is constantly on the move.

These are our critters! Either we found them or they found us... either way our lives wouldn't be the same without them!

First of all - Congratulations!


Second, if you and your fiancé want your wedding to be a laid back, intimate affair with your friends and family, then we are your people. Let's chat and get to know each other better!


because family is special

We absolutely love getting to document the same families and couples year after year! Seeing them grow, getting to know them better each time... Our goal is to capture the essence of YOU- how you all play and laugh together, the love you all share, and the excitement of being together. We'd love to photograph you for your anniversary, graduation, birthday, or just because.